Why collaborate with us ?

Local Expertise

As a key player firmly rooted in its territory, the Wattrelos Association possesses in-depth knowledge of the specific needs and challenges of the region and its inhabitants. This local expertise ensures an adapted and relevant approach to local issues.

Network and Partnerships

The association has cultivated an extensive network of local, regional, national, and even international partnerships. This connectivity provides enriching collaboration opportunities, facilitating access to resources, skills, and development possibilities.

Social Impact

Collaborating with our association, partners directly contribute to significant social initiatives. Whether supporting education, employment or social inclusion programs, collaboration strengthens the positive impact within the community.

Serious Expertise

The association offers tailored programs in areas such as education, employment, health, etc. We can facilitate the implementation of concrete and targeted actions, thus enhancing their success.

Successful projects

We have already set up several projects :

EYES – Interreg North West Europe
EYES is a European project designed to help NEETS to develop their professional and personal skills according to their objectives... ACSW provides information and support by offering group workshops, training courses, learning by doing and the discovery of a digital tool. We use a canvas to help young people to create their project and to own it.

  • What the project has brought us:
    - Training program and working methodology for more than 50 NEETS
    Creation of a tutoring network
    Creation a cooperative to help NEETS get professional experience

SBS – Interreg 2seas
SBS is a project designed for men suffering from isolation, unemployment and health issues in general. In a space reserved for them, they can create, discuss and take part in DIY, gardening and repair activities, working on their life project, providing health information or helping you find a job. All in an environment of sharing and exchange where all age groups are welcome!

  • What the project has brought us:
    - Creation of 3 sheds, spaces for men to create, share and heal
    More than 80 men joined our project
    Creation of 3 training programs (health, pair to pair active listening and employment)
    Creation of shared gardens and wooden sculptures to give our centers a new look!

PACE – Interreg 2 seas
The project offers parents a range of activities (theatre, CV writing, sport), parent-child discussion sessions and outings to help you think about your career plans. As child-care solution can be an obstacle for parents and single parents to find a job, ACSW offers child-care support and guidance to find the right balance between professional and personal life.

  • What the project has brought us:
    - Training workshops for professionals and parents
    - More child-care support within our social centers
    - More than 50 families supported

VRAC - Interreg 2 seas
The project objectives are to enhance children's well-being in a learning environment through a holistic approach, with a strong network including professionals from the health, pedagogical, cultural, sport… sectors. We targeted children from 6 to 14 who were dropping out of school or with a high risk of dropping out. Schools and parents were also part of this network.

  • What the project has brought us:
    - More than 110 children were part of our network
    - 3 schools were partners with training sessions and a collaborative approach
    - More than 75% of the children saw an increase in their well-being and “pedagogical situation”
    - Psycho-education training in school and within our social centers

Speed You Up - Interreg 2 seas
The overall objective is to decrease the number of (at-risk) NEETs by improving their employability through a co-created entrepreneurship program that enhances entrepreneurial skills. We created cooperatives (entrepreneur hubs) in both schools and local communities. From within these hubs, young people develop and create pop-ups that answer to the specific needs of the deprived communities in which they live or go to school. 

  • What the project has brought us:
    - Creation of 2 hubs in a local school and 1 cooperative within a social center
    11 pop-up emerged from these hubs !
    More than 100 NEETS supported with 9 teachers trained
    A new methodology and approach created for NEETS and at risk NEETS

La Fabrique Des Possibles – The Manufacture of Possibilities – Caisse des Dépôts
This project is a regional one in North of France and Pas-de-Calais with 6 partners. The general objective is to help people who are furthest from employment to find training or a job. The approach adopted is to build on the strengths and potential of each beneficiary. Through a 5-stage pathway, people are encouraged to develop their independence and their professional project.

The particularity of this project is that, if they want to, they can join a cooperative hosted by the social centres, where they can test an economic activity of their choice... and be paid for it! It corresponds to the 3rdstep of the pathway.

The programme includes training workshops in HR, finance, communication, pitching and much more !

  • What the project has brought us:
    - 1 new cooperative which hosts several pop-ups
    230 participants in the region and 60 in Wattrelos
    An Entrepreneurship training program created with social workers
    A new way of working towards employment issues

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